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BDL Prosthetics – CAD/CAM precision yields consistent results
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History of BDL Prosthetics

In 1986, BioTemps were fabricated for the first time and these reliable provisionals with outstanding beauty became known around the industry. In 2002, BDL Prosthetics, a comprehensive, fixed ceramics laboratory opened to specialize in copying the BioTemps contours to create highly cosmetic smile makeovers in ceramics. The technicians who make up the provisionals team with our skilled ceramists ensure superior quality throughout the entire case.

Today, BDL Prosthetics employs nearly 350 people. We continue to grow and bring you the specialized service and quality you expect and deserve from your lab.

Contact Us

BDL Prosthetics
2181 Dupont Dr.
Irvine, California 92612
Phone: 800-411-9723
Fax: 800-471-9761