BDL Prosthetics – CAD/CAM precision yields consistent results
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  Full-cast gold restorations are simply that – all gold. There is no porcelain covering, and the dense gold structure makes them the unchallenged gold standard for long-term durability of posterior crowns. Choose from: Noble-Cast 45™ yellow noble, Noble-Cast 60™ yellow high-noble, Noble-Cast 67™ yellow high-noble, JRVT® yellow high-noble, White High Noble, White Noble and Non-Precious full-cast restorations. All yellow gold restorations meet ADA specifications for noble gold or high-noble gold. Take advantage of our flat rate pricing, which eliminates price variations due to crown size and gold market fluctuations. In-lab working time is 4 days.

Noble-Cast 45, Noble-Cast 60 and Noble-Cast 67 are trademarks of Glidewell Laboratories.
JRVT is a registered trademark of Jensen Dental Solutions.